Mother and daughter in Natalie Begg Silk Sleepwear and Lingerie

Love you mum: Showing your mum appreciation this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts to suit every mum
Seriously – where would we be without our mums? And by mums, we also mean the women in our lives who are our rocks. The ones we ring when we’ve had an exhausting week. The ones who will always tell us we’re doing a great job. The ones we lean on because they are always the first people to open their arms to us.

Mother’s Day is that one day where we get to pour all our attention on our mums. And because every mother is unique and you know your mother best, we can’t even begin to tell you what to get her for Mother’s Day (sorry). What we can do is point you in the right direction for some ideas that go beyond the traditional bunch of flowers.

Self-care is not just about massages
We all know the importance of recharging your batteries, and mums are notoriously bad at putting themselves first. There’s a misconception that self-care is all about bubble baths and facials, but it’s really about what helps your mum feel relaxed. Perhaps the garden is her happy place and she enjoys the fresh air or a good Netflix binge on the latest rom coms. Finding what she truly enjoys will give you the key to creating space for her favourite

If time and energy are challenging at the moment, a home-cooked meal is always 
appreciated because mums know how much effort goes into a delicious dinner. A baked pasta dish does double duty because it can also be frozen, or perhaps you want to go all out and try your hand at a slow-cooked roast with all the trimmings. If your mum has a sweet tooth, some simple baked goods can be a thoughtful touch, like these delightful gingerbread biscuits.

Give the gift of time
The memories we have of our mums are some of the most precious we’ll ever have. For the mums who always say they don’t need anything, why not plan a day out with the family? Given that mums are usually the organisers of the household, having a day out planned for them shows extra thoughtfulness. Even something as simple as a stroll through your local botanic gardens is a wonderful way to appreciate the autumn colours. Many gardens run free guided tours so you can fully appreciate the changing seasons.

If your mum is a bit more adventurous, you might book an experience so you can both try something a little different. Perhaps your mum might enjoy a paint-and-sip event or a classic afternoon tea where you can both relax. If you really want to spice things up, what about a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the city, where you can watch the sun rise at 2000 feet!

Retail love
Sometimes just browsing is half the fun of shopping. Thrift stores are always a great way to uncover some treasures (whether they just become extra clutter in the house or not!), or go one step further and try some antique pieces for a unique purchase that she’ll always remember.

We absolutely love supporting local businesses (being one ourselves), so handmade earrings from Stockley would make a bold statement as would some bright alpaca socks from Yellow Earth. By shopping local you can make a feel-good purchase knowing you are supporting the
local creative sector.

Let Natalie Begg find the perfect gift for your mum
Natalie Begg is an independent, local designer who creates lingerie for the comfort and confidence of women. Natalie Begg loves to spoil mums with handmade silk garments, such as the iconic slip dress and best-selling camisoles. The wide range of colours and prints means there is a shade for every mum. If you shudder at the thought of picking out clothes for your mum (we get it, we’re picky too), then a Natalie Begg gift voucher gives your mum the gift of choice. She can select her own hand-painted robe or get something completely custom made for her.

We’ve curated a Mother’s Day collection with all the pieces we know mums love and appreciate. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to us so we can help your mum see how appreciated she really is this Mother’s Day.

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