Silk masks: why they’re better for your skin and the environment

Silk masks: why they’re better for your skin and the environment

Silk masks: why they’re better for your skin and the environment


Wearing a mask out has become a regular activity for the vast majority of us. If your last check before you walk out the door is ‘keys, phone, mask’, you’re not alone. And these days there are more choices than ever for the type of mask you wear – and choices that are far more sustainable than the disposable masks we see littered on the side of the road. 


Why reusable masks are better for you and the environment 

450 years…That’s how long it takes for the plastics in disposable masks to break down. And when you consider how often we are all wearing masks and how regularly we change them, that is a lot of waste clogging up our environment. 


Reusable masks not only save all that plastic heading to landfill, but they are much kinder to your skin. If you’ve been suffering from ‘maskne’ or an increase in cold sores, you may benefit from switching to a silk mask. 


If you’re wondering why a Natalie Begg silk face mask is better than a resusable mask or a standard cloth mask, we’ve put together some answers to that question. 


100% triple-layered natural silk

All cloth masks should be made with two to three layers of fabric to give you proper protection. Natalie Begg silk face masks use three layers for optimum protection. In addition, silk naturally has a tighter weave to help filter bacteria, while also being one of the most breathable fabrics in existence. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for people prone to allergies, irritation or who have sensitive skin.


Custom-made for filters

Many of our clients prefer to use filters in their masks for added protection. Natalie Begg silk face masks have a built-in pocket to fit a standard filter. This gives you the flexibility if you decide you want to wear a filter and the ability to change out filters for fresh ones without having to dispose of your mask. 


Nose wire closes the gap

One of the cautions of cloth face masks is that they can leave more gaps between the cloth and your face than a surgical mask. Natalie Begg silk face masks incorporate nose wire so you can mould the masks to your nose and cheeks to block out those gaps. 


Adjustable ear looks for comfort

If you’ve ever felt the uncomfortable rub of elastic around the delicate skin of your ears, you may benefit from the adjustable ear loops in Natalie Begg silk masks. Manufactured from padded silk, they are designed for comfort and to allow you to improve the fit of your mask as needed.  


Multiple designs and colours let your personality shine through

Covering up half of your face makes it harder to show emotion and expression, but you can express your personality with the wide range of colours and designs available. It’s now possible to coordinate your mask with your outfit for that pulled-together look. 


Caring for your mask

While we are huge advocates for reusable masks, there are some tips you should be aware of to keep your silk mask in optimal condition. 


  1. Wash your mask after every use

Yes, it is important to wash your mask after every use to ensure it does its job properly. Some experts estimate that viruses and bacteria can remain on a mask for eight to 12 hours, so not washing your mask can put you at risk. 

  1. Use a delicates wash bag

Silk is a natural fibre, which is why it feels so good against your skin, and it should be protected from harsh chemicals and abrasion in the washing machine. If you are not one to hand wash, pop your mask in a delicates bag and machine wash it on gentle with wool wash.

  1. Wash your hands

How many times have we heard that? But it’s still good practice to wash your hands before putting on your mask and only handle it by the ear loops to avoid transferring bacteria from your hands to your mask. 

  1. Store it properly

If you’re guilty of tossing your mask in your bag and later rummaging for it, you may be exposing your mask to the very bacteria you are trying to avoid! We recommend storing clean masks in a dedicated pouch or case. Used masks should be stored in a separate container until they can be washed. 


Natalie Begg silk face masks have been featured in Vogue and worn by celebrities around the world. They have been recommended by asthmatics and people with claustrophobia and are ideal when commuting to work, riding a motorcycle, working in an environment with pollution or fumes, cleaning jobs, when the flu is affecting people, and any time that you may be exposed to mold, or other allergens. If you’re looking for a sustainable mask that is kind to your skin, look no further and discover our many beautiful options here.

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