Natalie Begg is an independent, nationally recognised fashion designer from Melbourne specialising in hand-painted silks, lingerie, sleepwear and resort wear. She draws inspiration from nature, art, travel and,

especially, her love of the beach and water. Her unique perspective comes from her affinity with the outdoors and wide-open spaces which infuses every piece from the graceful, figure-flattering cuts to her

exquisite palettes of soft colours. Natalie draws on a sense of space and purity of form in her hand-painted designs and uses high quality, lustrous silk and French lace as her mediums.  


Natalie is fully involved in every aspect of creating her designs, from the intricate techniques in hand-painting delicate silks to the mechanics of pattern making and manufacturing and, finally, showcasing her

collections to her clients. 

Since 2000, Natalie Begg has graced over 150 national and international retail stores. She has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Bride, The Age and The Herald Sun,and has featured collections at David

Jones as well as retailers in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan. 

Natalie is best known for her high-end silk lingerie, but also offers a full range of loungewear and resort wear. Her caftans and robes best epitomize her talent for fluid lines, ethereal draping and a striking use of



Below are a selection of bespoke garments made for our clients.