Embrace the Trend: Underwear as outerwear

Embrace the Trend: Underwear as outerwear

Lingerie that’s too pretty to keep hidden
There’s a reason that classic pieces never go out of style. We love seeing looks we once loved having a power resurgence, and 2024 is shining a spotlight on the underwear as outerwear trend. This 90s movement has wholeheartedly been embraced once more by the fashionable set. Who can forget when Kate Moss rocked a sheer slip to the 1993 Look of the Year Party? Or Princess Diana’s navy silk-and-lace slip dress she wore in 1996 to her only Met Gala appearance?

90s looks for a contemporary style
While no-one is suggesting you go the full Marky Mark, with your Calvins on bold display, modern takes on this versatile trend allow for more flexibility. Contemporary versions of the underwear as outerwear trend are more carefree and less focused on shock value. For those wanting to experiment with a flash of lingerie, a silk camisole paired with your favourite denim is a confidence-building combo. Brightly coloured silk robes, once strictly reserved for the boudoir, are also a chic addition to any outfit. Even the gents are finding fun ways to play with this style. Christian Wilkins has been shaking up the red carpet with his daring styles and break-all-the-rules personality, including wearing elaborate lingerie-inspired pieces.

It’s all about expressing who you are
For some of us, our lingerie is where we feel more free to experiment with colours, textures and patterns. No-one is going to know if you’re wearing your favourite ruffled knickers – but what’s to stop you from pairing a long-line bra in your signature colour with high-waisted pants and a tailored jacket?
Perhaps you have a wardrobe full of silk camis that are too pretty not to show off. This style is all about embracing the sensuality of these luxe pieces as wardrobe staples. It’s where you can dare to not care.

Set the tempo to suit yourself
When Kendall Jenner was spotted stepping out in a knitted jumper paired with black underwear and sheer stockings, it was not the first time she’d opted to go sans pants. Now, this may not be for everyone, but it goes to show there really are no rules when it comes to flashing your lingerie. The trick is to steer clear of G-string styles and look to boy shorts and French knickers that will pass as micro shorts. Structured bras and shapewear can also give your underwear as outerwear look a bit more structure. While Kendall is not afraid to take the underwear trend to its limits, she’s also know how to tone it down with a sheer lace cami over a white tee or an oversized shirt and no pants.

You don’t need to flash your assets
One of the major concerns we hear from people who are hesitant to try the underwear as outerwear trend is that celebrities can get away with it, but no one wants to turn up in their lingerie to brunch with the in-laws. Don’t worry; we totally agree! Like any trend, the important thing is to adapt it to your lifestyle and your personal aesthetic. Many of our Natalie Begg silk slips come full length, so you can pair them with a lightweight cardigan or wrap, and not feel like you’re exposing yourself. Likewise, with our range of Natalie Begg camisoles, not every style has a daring lace vee, and some can be made with an in-built bra to keep you extra secure. The extensive selection of colours and prints means you can find the look best suited to you. No one needs to know you’re wearing the matching briefs if you don’t want them to – but you may just want
to strut the boardwalk in resort-style boxers that double as loose summer shorts.

Find your look with Natalie Begg silk lingerie
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