Social Responsibility

At Natalie Begg, our focus is on producing beautiful, well-crafted and long-lasting garments that look beautiful for years to come. We operate in a responsible and ethical manner in all areas of our business and give back to the environment and the people we work with.
Natalie Begg garments available at are Australian made and have been since 2000. One of our bra designs requires some elements to be crafted offshore. We are currently seeking a local manufacture to produce the bra entirely. 
Our knitwear range is created in partnership with a team of local Victorian women. We are 100% committed to keeping this Australian heritage alive and supporting local farmers, local manufactures and artisans, whilst delivering an enduring, sustainable product.
At Natalie Begg, we work with the highest-quality, sustainable natural fibres that we can source. We do not use artificial fibres. Natural fibres are better for the environment as they biodegrade more quickly than synthetics, do not release dangerous chemicals into your body, via your skin, or nanofibres into the ecosystem. Our long-term focus is preserving our planet and your health. We produce luxurious products that are timeless and you will treasure. We are proud to be part of the slow-fashion movement.
Our silks carry a dense weight that drapes beautifully and has a soft handle. Silk is nature’s strongest fibre and will keep its shape and repel dirt if you follow the care instructions. Minimal washing and ironing is required, saving water and the environment.
The majority of our garments are available in Peace silk – please email us for a quote and delivery timeframe. 
Our preferred alternative to Peace silk is a silk/wool blend made from local Australian wool and 100% natural imported silk. Silk/wool acclimatises to your body in any temperature meaning it keeps you warm in cooler climates and keeps you cool in warmer temperatures. Sill/wool provides all the lustrous feel and beautiful drape of high-quality natural silk with the added benefit of warmth and resilience of wool.
Hand-painted silk uses less water and ink (less than one cup per metre), making it a more sustainable option than any other printing method. At Natalie Begg we hand mix our dyes in house. The dyes we choose balance environmental sustainability with our ability to provide colour vibrancy and longevity. If you would prefer your Natalie Begg garment to use purely ecofriendly paints, please contact us directly.
A select number of garments are crafted from digital prints based on original Natalie Begg paintings.
The Natalie Begg knitwear collection uses merino and alpaca wool from local Victorian farms. The wool is processed in Victoria and spun by hand by local artisans. A number of our laces and silks are sourced from expert manufacturers overseas, which allow us to provide the highest quality fabrics to our clients. We source accessories from local suppliers.
At Natalie Begg, every piece of fabric is repurposed to reduce waste. Excess silk is transformed into scarves and garment bags, smaller pieces are reused as binding for knitting, underwear and our bespoke quilted jackets. We are committed to reducing the amount of fabric that ends up in landfill.
As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, we will repair any of your Natalie Begg garments free of charge to ensure longevity. We are passionate about delivering a well-crafted garment that you’ll love forever.
In keeping with our mission to promote sustainability, every Natalie Begg garment is wrapped in recycled tissue paper and is posted to you in a recycled satchel. This will be fully implemented on September 10th 2019.
Wherever you can, please shop local. It reduces carbon footprint and supports communities and small business.
With our focus on long-term, sustainable growth we take responsibility for operating a business and maintaining a supply chain that respects the planet, animals and your body. This is achieved through regular social audits and our continual commitment to circular solutions. Follow us on social media for regular updates on how we achieve this in our day-to-day manufacturing.
Together we can make a difference. Thank you for your continued support.

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