Create your dream wedding day to suit your style.

With Covid restrictions set to ease, couples around Australia are finally able to rebook their special day. But with disruptions to venue plans, changing restrictions on numbers of guests and dancing, as well as the uncertainty of travel, weddings will look very different in a post-Covid world. We’ve put together 4 trends that we predict will be on the top of every couple’s must-have list. 

1. Intimate gatherings

    The health and safety of loved ones is more important than ever, and as such, couples are moving away from long guest lists. A more intimate approach with a core group of family and friends allows you to create a more personal feel to the event with the added bonus of being able to spend time with everyone rather than rushing from table to table. Couples on a budget can focus on quality rather than quantity. 

    2. Non-bridal bridal wear

      Brides have more scope than ever to create an outfit that really matches their personal style. From brightly coloured dresses to power pant suits, there are no rules for what you walk down the aisle in. Brides are even opting for custom-made face masks in their theme colours or to match their outfit. What you wear under your outfit is just as important, so don’t forget to focus on your lingerie, like these Natalie Begg lace-covered silk bras, which add an extra layer of luxury. 

      3. More sustainable practices

        Weddings can create a lot of waste. From paper and printing of invites, to confetti and balloons that end up in waste water, they can have a big impact on the environment. Consider lightening your footprint by sending electronic invites like these ones from Greenvelope, refusing single-use products at the reception, and requesting biodegradable confetti (or not using confetti at all!).

        4. Supporting local

          We all know that small businesses have taken a huge hit over Covid. Consider supporting local businesses when deciding on where to source flowers, table decorations and catering. Not only will you save on transport and shipping fees, but locals will be able to advise you on the best flowers for the season, which produce is the freshest that time of year and where to source all the unique elements for your day. 

          Choose elements for your day that reflect your personal style.

          The biggest trend will always be planning a day that reflects your own personal style and includes all the details that are symbolic of your relationship and the beginning of your married life together. If you are looking for personalised bridesmaid gifts like matching silk robes, or bridal lingerie to suit your wedding outfit, contact Natalie Begg for all your wedding day needs. Natalie Begg offers personalised consults so you can be sure that your bridal vision becomes reality. 



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