At Natalie Begg we produce garments that are of the finest quality and are made to last. We're not part of the fast fashion industry that produces garments to last a season until they end up in landfill due to pilling, shrinkage or unravelling at the seams. At Natalie Begg we want your garments to last a lifetime, so we will repair any of your Natalie Begg garments free of charge to ensure longevity. Please post your garment/s to the address below including a prepaid satchel with your address on it and we'll return your garment repaired within 10 days.

Address: Natalie Begg, PO Box 96, Kingsville 3012


Terms and Conditions:

  • We will do our best, but Natalie Begg retains the right to refuse to work on items damaged beyond repair.